Our Story

Hello, we are glad to welcome you to Yay Bouquet online!

Are you stumped on how to surprise that wonderful friend who stayed up all night listening to you cry about your horrible new haircut? How about that special someone who loves you even though you fall asleep halfway through their favorite movie? Maybe even the boss you need to butter up to get those sweet sweet vacation dates that everyone is fighting for. Well you’ve come to the right place! Yay Bouquet has got you covered.

Not long ago we, just like you, were searching the internet to find something special to impress and delight the people important to us! Besides the trivial “100 reasons why I love you” we didn’t find many options. We quickly realized that we need to solve this problem!

We came up with a unique variety of bouquets for you to choose from and customize to your liking! Our bouquets will amaze you and your friends with their uniqueness and make you the most creative guest at each celebration!

Our Approach

We’re not product driven… we’re client driven. Our approach has always been about providing you with the bouquets that would best serve your needs and expectations. That’s why we developed a “customer personal” business strategy.
We first develop a deep understanding of your bouquet preferences, taste, occasion and budget and then get a clear picture of how we can best accommodate you.

We are passionate about leaving lasting impressions through unique edible products.
If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for in our gallery, please let us prepare a custom design for you.

Our Mission

At YAY Bouquet, we are passionate about helping people show their appreciation, gratitude, express feelings and conquer hearts and stomachs by arranging freshly made edible bouquets!

We offer edible fruit, sweet, seafood , cheese and smoked sausages bouquets that will beautify any occasion and create precious moments!